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Free and Open Source messenger for any professional need.
Secure and private by default

Twake Chat Business Messenger
Twake Chat Business Messenger
Secure by design, Twake Chat is powered by the Matrix protocol for decentralized communication. Perfect for both work and personal use, Twake ensures the high levels of security with respect to your privacy. Simplify workflow, whether in the cloud or on-premises
Protect your privacy – get your own Twake Chat on-premise
Twake Chat Open Source Messenger

Encrypted messages and group chats

Easily create direct or group chats, optionally adding extra end-to-end encryption if needed. Explore the customizable security levels that put you in control of your communication
Facilitate your communication with contacts from both your phone book
and your corporate directory (SSO), providing invaluable resources for business communication


Instead of a dozen messengers communicate through Twake Chat, easily sending and receiving messages across various platforms like Telegram, Discord, Signal and more. The Matrix protocol allows integration with over 30 social networks


Beyond Twake Chat
Effortlessly synchronize all your critical information, data and important messages across a spectrum of devices, including tablets, smartphones and laptops

Use across all of your devices

Switch between personal and work accounts for seamless transition and management of both aspects of your life within a single interface


Seamless usage
Improve your work process by integrating quality Jitsi videoconferencing

Seamless integration
with Jitsi

Twake chat mobile interface

Install Twake Chat on your server

Keep your communications private.
Go for improved performance and enhanced security
in Twake Chat on your infrastructure
Twake chat mobile interface

Twake Chat on your terms

Keep your communications private.
Go for improved performance and enhanced security in Twake Chat on your infrastructure
Secure your data – get Twake Chat on your own servers
By enabling the "Identity server" feature, you become searchable via email and phone number, enhancing your connectivity and accessibility within the network
Security is enhanced with end-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensuring all conversations are encrypted from device to device.
Easy to use
Twake Chat is simple in registration, usage, maintenance and is amplified by strong helpdesk and community support
Effecient, reliable and secure Twake Chat is designed to accommodate teams of any size and different business requirements
Communicate through TwakeChat, seamlessly sending and receiving messages across various applications like Telegram, Discord, Signal etc.
Either on your mobile, laptop or tablet your data is perfectly synced regardless of the device sharing the recovery key
Twake Chat is independent and can stand alone or seamlessly be integrated into any IT infrastructure via its HTTPS API
Open Source
Ethical by nature Twake Chat never compromises on commitments and quality with its code available for review and contribution on GitHub
Twake Chat is an Open Source software based on the Matrix protocol, a decentralized system that has thousands of independent servers instead of a main processing node. Join Twake Chat or create your own server on your corporate domain by adding it to the common Matrix network
Manage all your data via a single ID (mobile phone number)
Connect corporate
Exchange across your other favorite apps
Secure Protocol
Access all Twake Workplace products with a single account
Secure storage for any professional need
Fast and sustainable corporate e-mail client
Use your Twake account and discover the power of single ID.
Get access to every product in our ecosystem with the highest standards of privacy
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